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Why Social Media Advertising?

What if you could target your advertising down to a certain zip code, age group, gender, point-of-interest or behavior? What if you could also customize the advertising budget - minimizing your financial risk (if necessary) - while excluding wasted impressions on individuals outside your chosen parameters? You can do all these things with Facebook advertising. Most social media platforms allow for a more targeted promotion audience than other mass media options like television or radio.

Relevance is Not Measured by Youth

I was young once, and thought anyone older than 25 was WAY out of it.  What I didn’t realize was that I was emulating and being influenced by people who were way older than that…but I didn’t put it all together. Of course, when I actually surpassed 25, I actually gave in to the fact that I didn’t know everything, and people who were older than 25 actually had something called experience and knowledge.  I became one of those people. 

Alumni Spotlight–Mike Jones

Congratulations to Mike Jones, our latest Alumni Spotlight! Mike is a Video Producer/Director at Vortex Optics. His job duties include writing and developing video concepts, as well as overseeing video projects from pre to post production. He collaborates with producers and assists throughout the production process. After completion of a project Mike follows various web platforms to track public reception of the video.

Meet Your New Student Council President

Congratulations to Chad Canfield, our new Student Council President!  We asked Chad to tell us a little more about himself and his plans for the upcoming semester.  Dear Student Body and Staff, First of, I would like to thank you all for the encouragement and inspiration to lead us through this journey. I am honored to have been elected Student Council President, and I promise to help to make Madison Media Institute the best possible environment for our collective success.

Learn How to Budget Your Time

Happy 2nd week of the semester! Things are still new, but you may also find yourself starting to settle into your rhythm for Fall semester at Minneapolis Media Institute. One thing that will start to become clear is that you are going to have a lot of different projects and things that need your attention as the semester wears on. One thing that I see students struggle with quite often is time management. I wanted to share some thoughts on what I consider the “time budget” and how to build one.

Fall Semester - Welcome Students!

It’s Fall Semester! Welcome back to all of our returning students and welcome to all of our new students! I’m always so happy to have students in the hallways at Minneapolis Media Institute; it’s quite lonely around here during the semester breaks. As we head in to this new semester, I find myself thinking about resolutions – you know, the New Year’s kind. Yes, New Years is still a few months away but it’s easy to look at each new semester as a fresh start, much like a new year.

Madison Career Chat Friday Field Trip

MMI Career Chat Friday once again ventured out on an employer field trip.  This time our destination was the Wisconsin Union Theater – a venue that hosts everything from theater productions to music concerts to lectures and everything in-between. We were met by Heather Good, Jeff Macheel and Heather Macheel.  Our goal was a grand tour of both the historic Shannon Hall and the brand new Playcircle venues followed up by a sharing of resumes and informal interviews for attendees.  All was accomplished!

Madison Career Chat Friday

Field Trip to 100State 100State is a co-working space for problem solvers, creatives and entrepreneurs. It's a space that creates community and inspires collaboration while creating connections to unleash our community’s potential. They work hard to engage others in a new model of innovation that helps the world navigate the evolving human experience of the 21st century. With a mission like that – MMI just had to go there and check it out.