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Alumni Spotlight - Carlos Guzman

Congratulations to Carlos Guzman, our latest Alumni Spotlight! Carlos is the owner of M.O.D. Media Productions. He works hand in hand with partners to create, develop and maintain the business development strategies which constitute the commercial strategy for M.O.D. Carlos is not only the owner, but also the Marketing Manager and Head of Design. He develops quarterly sales goals, marketing & advertising strategies, and manages the Graphic/Web design department.

New in the Learning Resource Center

There are a lot of new learning materials in the Learning Resource Center this week! Digital Photo   Digital Photo In the Annual How To Special issue of Digital Photo,  the publication shares more than 50 tips specific to shooting your best portraits, exploring fall colors, multi-shot noise reduction, balanced illumination, shutter speed and ambient light, and tools and techniques to compose and trigger your camera from a distance.   

Alumni Spotlight - Vivian Cruickshank

Alumni Spotlight – Vivian Cruickshank Congratulations to Vivian Cruickshank, our latest Alumni Spotlight! Vivian is a Graphic Designer at Social Voucher, where she works on website layout, collateral, powerpoint presentations and photo editing. We asked Vivian to share some highlights from her experience at MMI, and here’s what she had to say: "I like that the teachers at MMI are in the know of what is happening in the workplace so they know the skills that their students need to succeed in the real world.

Madison Career Chat Friday

Career Chat 7-31-15 - Making your cover letter stand out in a crowd While attendance was low (3 brave souls) the topic was inspiring “How to make your cover letter stand out in a crowd”.  REC programs were all represented with each attendee having a different level of expertise in cover letter writing.  From “I’ve never had to write one in 15 years of employment” to “I have a template I use when I send one”.  All were eager to be inspired and learn how to engage their cover letter at “Dear Reader”.  Each lef

Alumni Spotlight - Tyler Hitchcock

Congratulations to our newest alum spotlight and recent Graduate, Tyler Hitchcock. Tyler graduated in January this year with a Graphic & Web Design Degree from Minneapolis Media Institute.

“My favorite thing about MMI was the staff. Not only were they your mentors and wanted to see you succeed, the also treated you like a peer. They were always encouraging and supportive, and they seemed to actually care for you as a person, not as a number.”