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Autodesk's 2012 Entertainment Creation Suite is Here!

By Eric Weiss The latest in game design and animation tools using Autodesk's 2012 Entertainment Creation Suite are now implemented in our curriculum at MMI. The 2012 release of MudBox, Maya, Motion Builder and 3DS Max are now much more integrated and allows fast and efficient paths to bring Motion Capture (MOCAP) data from our state of the art Motion Analysis Studio through our animation and game design pipeline. Some of the new tools include the inclusion of the Human IK user interface within the Maya environment.

News in Video & Motion Graphics

The Video & Motion Graphics program has had a lot of exciting things going on recently!
VMG Instructor, Brian Alberth, worked with VMG students, Paul Reinertson and Ryan Arneson, on an anti drinking-and-driving campaign for the Wisconsin Dept of Transportation. Pictured below are Brian, Paul, Ryan, and the entire crew.

New Music Monday

By Mike Bailey Those that know me are aware of my passion for new music. I've decided to share some of my favorite discoveries in a weekly blog post. I'll do my best to pull from all genres, though I'm sure my fondness for indie rock will often win out... This week we get to hear a new track by the Shins.

Book Buyback Event

Students, here's your chance to sell back some of your old textbooks! MMI will be hosting a BOOK BUYBACK EVENT through MBS Textbook Exchange next week. Students will be able to bring their books in and in return they will receive cash or check depending on the amount. Depending on the damages done to the books, there is no guarantee MBS will purchase them.

Minneapolis Recording Session

Minneapolis Media Institute has forged a relationship with a local piano company, Wells Pianos. Because of that, we now have three beautiful pianos on campus, one 7 foot Hailun and two upright Hailun’s.

The grand will be shown off at a recording session/seminar with Pippi, a local jazz singer today, January 11th and Friday, January 13th in Studio A.