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Why Doesn’t Pro Tools Play Back My Selection?

Why Doesn’t Pro Tools Play Back My Selection | MEDIA INSTITUTE COLLEGE
By Doug Olson
I got a call yesterday from my friend Ken, a singer-songwriter and music producer I’ve known for many years.  He was pulling his hair out – it seems his Pro Tools system had gone temporarily insane. No matter where he placed the cursor in a track, Pro Tools would play back somewhere else. Ken is quite skilled as a recording engineer, and he’s been using Pro Tools for a number of years, so he thought it might be something related to pre-roll. Unfortunately, toggling pre-roll on and off made no difference.

Food Drive Extension until Dec. 14th! MMI will match all student donations that come in on Monday!

We've extended the FOOD DRIVE until Dec 14th for 2 special reasons: Martin Atkins is encouraging Xbox Mod attendees to bring in donations at the door on the 13th. ALSO...Any students donations on Monday (Dec 12th) MMI will match the day's total. So now you have a few extra days to push your programs total over the edge!!! Thanks to all who have participated so far! Xbox Controller Modification


By Martin Atkins Ok, I’m using the visual of a snowball because it is getting close to Christmas and I’m liking the idea of a snowball rolling down a hill, gradually accumulating more and more layers until it is ripe for snow-man-making – but it could just as easily be a meatball rolling around on your filthy kitchen floor gradually adding layers of cat hair, sawdust, pieces of plastic from the time you tried to unsuccessfully mod and x-box controller (you should come to our modding party  and some

Minneapolis Media Institute Students Go Behind the Scene at Jingle Ball 2011

Minneapolis Media Institute students and staff had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at Jingle Ball 2011. The event took place at the Target center in Minneapolis on Dec 4th.  Students and staff were involved in the event setup process from beginning to end. They worked with Live Nation, a live-events company that focuses specifically on concert promotions, as well as KDWB, 101.3. Vendors were helpful in letting the students get involved and answering any questions they had about the process.

Madison Area Christmas Compilation Album Recorded at Madison Media Institute to be released December 10th

Madison Area Christmas Compilation Album (M.A.XMAS) release show will be at 7:00 pm on Saturday, December 10th at the Regent Street Retreat in Madison, WI. The cost to attend the event is five dollars and there will be 12 bands performing throughout the night on two stages. This is the second volume of M.A.XMAS, which features some of Madison's top talent in punk, ska, metal, and rock offering their own personal take on classic holiday songs. The album features many favorites, like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “Let it Snow”, and “Carol of the Bells”.

Media Institute Students Offered Opportunity for Conclave Music Business Scholarship

A new scholarship offering valued at up to $16000.00 is announced today by The Conclave and the Media Institute.  Students in the Media Institute’s Recording & Music Technology will have an opportunity to earn a Conclave Music Business Scholarship. The award will be a $4,000.00 tuition waiver for up to four semesters.  The first award will be given out at the annual Conclave summer learning conference in July of 2012.

Whoa, Did You See That?

By Tim Mickleburgh

Among the senses, vision is the one that rules them all. More than 80% of our sensory input comes through our eyes, and we celebrate the truth of this in terms like “eye-witness”, “see it with my own eyes” and “the eyes are the windows of the soul”.