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An Outsider's Inside Look at a Madison Capitols Hockey Game

I recently had the opportunity to see some of our students applying their technical knowledge during a recent event I attended. The Madison Capitols, a United States Hockey League team, had a college career night on Saturday, December 13th. Several schools such as Edgewood College and the University of Wisconsin in addition to Madison Media Institute had tables set up to represent their college.

MMI Student Jumps Aboard The Polar Express!

For the first time ever the Polar Express arrived in Middleton, WI and with it a seasonal job for Recording & Music Technology student Sedrick Hibbler. While the pay wasn’t awesome (somewhere slightly above minimum wage) the atmosphere was something you won’t experience anywhere else. While not a typical audio engineering position Sedrick said he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to live the holiday spirit for an entire shift at a job he has come to love!

A New Year Brings Changes at MMI

Evan Evan Weisrock We all know the Student Center has closed. On December 17, we said goodbye to the space with a cookout that included many students as well as faculty and staff. Shout out to Evan Weisrock for braving the cold and cooking lots of burgers and hotdogs. While the closing is sad and means we will have to say goodbye to an awesome space, with every ending comes a beginning.

Networking and Patience: Keys to Becoming a Published Writer

With Great Power Book | Madison Media Institute

Writing is often a thankless task.  There is a serious glut of material in an industry where e-book publishing has overtaken traditional print, and e-book publishing is dirt cheap and easy.  It is hard for any new material to get noticed.  The book industry is a market where over 2 million new books were sent into print in one form or another in the last year alone, and it’s also an industry where its main consumer base is shrinking.  More and more people give in to the ease of access to television and cinema and video games with what little time their working lives give them, so that leave

Career Services Networking Event

“Networking & Pizza” was well attended last Wednesday (10/29) with a total of 48 students present. From a staff perspective, it was magnificent to see that many students interacting, conversing, and sharing future projects with one another. The structure of the event was to use the F.O.R.M. technique as a conversation starter. The F.O.R.M technique stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Message. Each individual was to share this information and retrieve it from other students with the goal of learning how to have comfortably “small talk” conversations with strangers.