Turning students into professionals since 1969.

At Media Institute, in the media area, we are a community of YouTubers and vinyl geeks, independent film nuts, and recovering Zelda addicts.  We live, breathe and play the media that we love. And at Media Institute, we have found others who share our devotion to the art.
In the medical area, we are a caring community of people with a big hearts that understand the importance of your health and we want to provide an important service as a medical assistant or be part of the record's department and keep track of the records required for current and future healthcare.     

Our school is designed to help you turn your passion into an actual career. Program curriculum provides you with the most relevant skills and training for your chosen field, enabling you to complete your studies more quickly. We have designed our school to guide you deliberately and confidently toward a successful career. 

Media Institute is a small, intimate community. You’ll never be just a number in our hallways; you’ll be part of our family.

Flexible class schedules fit your needs.
We understand that classes offered during “traditional school hours” may not fit your busy lifestyle. We offer a flexible day or evening class schedules to allow you to fit your class schedule around work and family responsibilities.

The right equipment for the job
From Recording and Live Sound to Video Production, students train on industry-current hardware and software – the same equipment the pros use. The result: You graduate ready to go to work.
Our medical students gain the skills required to become a helpful member of the healthcare community.

We’ve done it and now we’re teaching it.
Jobs in the media field can be ultra-competitive. Employers look for people with the skill and knowledge to contribute right away. Media Institute instructors come directly from media careers, so they know what it takes to succeed and they want to share that knowledge with their students.
Our medical students learn from well-qualified individuals and positioned to enter the workforce.

Our Career Services team goes to work to put you to work.
We encourage you to talk to Career Services as early in your Media Institute experience as possible. Staff can provide advisement to help you develop clear, effective, winning job search strategies and effectively manage your career path.Learn more.

An education is an investment in your future.
We believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education. If you are ready to get the training you need to follow your passion, but are unsure how to pay for it, our dedicated staff will help you find the resources you need for this investment. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. We can help you find options, including grants, loans, and scholarships. Learn more.