Work Hard or Skate By in the Recording Business

Work Hard or Skate By in the Recording Business
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“Yeah, who cares anyway? I’ve got natural ability so I really don’t have to work too hard on this project. I can skate by on this one, and nobody will be the wiser.” I’ve been in the recording business a long time and I can honestly say I’ve seen these people and they do get noticed eventually. That attention is not the kind you want. With that being said let’s get back to my point. “Who cares! No one will notice!”

The Recording Business vs. Natural Talent

Natural talent can sometimes be a license to be lazy. Your colleagues might not notice, and you probably will “get away” with not bringing 100% for a while. The problem with this scenario is that there is one person who will know that you are “phoning it in.” That person is YOU.

There is something inside of us that dies a little when we don’t prepare; when we don’t do our best. Lack of attention leads to our foundation not being as solid as it could be. We are not as agile if we are thrown a curve ball. Sure we might get through it, but is that what we really want to do? Just get through it? Trust me; to be successful in the recording business, you want to bring forth all of your ideas, and dig deeper for the ones that might not be as obvious. This is where the real magic lies. I’ve seen this with some of my friends, especially when we were first coming up. Friend “A” has all the natural ability in the world, and starts to take things for granted. Little did he know, friend “B”, who was not as naturally gifted, puts in a ton of extra hours, exhausts all the possibilities and ends up surpassing friend “A.”

Pride and Hard Work Make a Professional

Pride in your craft is something we shouldn’t take for granted. When you know you’ve done all you can do, there is a sense of accomplishment.  Leaving no stone unturned builds your character, not to mention your reputation as the “go to guy.”  Feeling 100 % positive about the effort you’ve put forth leads to confidence, and of course, better projects.

The Recording Business - Being a Pro

Next time you are in this position, reflect on what it really means to be a pro.  Give every project the attention it deserves.  If you don’t, you’re letting yourself down. You should always be the one person you want to impress the most. Learn more about our Recording and Live Sound program.