Why Social Media Advertising?

Why Social Media Advertising?
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What if you could target your advertising down to a certain zip code, age group, gender, point-of-interest or behavior? What if you could also customize the advertising budget - minimizing your financial risk (if necessary) - while excluding wasted impressions on individuals outside your chosen parameters? You can do all these things with Facebook advertising. Most social media platforms allow for a more targeted promotion audience than other mass media options like television or radio. That is not meant to discount these forms of advertising, but sometimes a small business or local event does not have the budget for larger forms of promotion and may appeal to a well-defined audience.

For example, say you are running a neighborhood music festival that appeals to a more adult audience that enjoys folk music. You can target an audience within 10 or 20 miles of the event, selecting both male and female individuals 30 years of age or above who like “live music,” “outdoor festivals,” and “folk music.” Maybe your event also caters to individuals who like “craft beers” and “food trucks” and you have observed that many of your patrons arrive via “bicycle.” There is no way that the previously mentioned forms of mass advertising will be able to target that unique of a group, but with Facebook advertising you will only spend money making impressions on individuals that fit your defined audience. There is even a meter that will tell you how specific or broad your audience is and the potential reach of your selected audience. Social Media advertising is a fantastic option for small businesses or individuals that do not have large advertising budgets. The ability to minimize financial risk and target a large, but very well defined audience makes social media advertising a very easy and attractive option.