Madison Career Chat Friday

Madison Career Chat Friday
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Career Chat 7-31-15 - Making your cover letter stand out in a crowd While attendance was low (3 brave souls) the topic was inspiring “How to make your cover letter stand out in a crowd”.  REC programs were all represented with each attendee having a different level of expertise in cover letter writing.  From “I’ve never had to write one in 15 years of employment” to “I have a template I use when I send one”.  All were eager to be inspired and learn how to engage their cover letter at “Dear Reader”.  Each left with at least one fully functioning cover letter they can use immediately.

While inspiration might be stretching it a bit a new twist on an old standard was shared.  Instead of the standard opening to your cover letter - “Hi, my name is Barbara and I’m applying for your open position of character artist that I saw on  I am the candidate you are looking for.”   Try something new, something bold, something that attempts to connect you with the reader immediately.  Something like: “As a longtime customer I recognize firsthand the benefits of doing business with Your Company.   I have personally used many of your products and services and find them to always be flawless.  When I saw your Open Position I knew I had to learn more about it.  I love the emphasis you put on customer enhancement, innovation and life-work balance and want to be part of it.” Be different, be fun but stay professional.  Companies always want to consider candidates that already know their products and services.  Give them that information up front and see where it takes you. Our next Career Chat is Friday (8/7) at noon.  Deforest Performing Arts Center is looking for an unpaid intern.  Come and hear about the opportunity then stay for an immediate interview directly after the presentation.  Career advisors will also be on hand for career advising, cover letter writing and resume reviews. Hope to see you there!