Alumni Spotlight - Jacob Rakidzich

Alumni Spotlight - Jacob Rakidzich
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Congratulations to Jacob Rakidzich, our latest Alumni Spotlight! Jacob graduated from the Program at Madison Media Institute. He currently owns his own company, Jacob Zivian Design. As the owner/operator, Jacob is responsible for a variety of areas including client acquisition, design consultation, development and testing, quality assurance, time management, finances, customer service and more!

We asked Jacob to share some of the ways his education at MMI prepared him for his current position, here's what he had to say:         "The course load at MMI, however daunting, prepared me in many ways. The Web Development courses helped me gain an understanding of coding in general. It also gave me the means to start a company with little experience and earn a solid income on the side. The other courses moved quickly and it forced me to either adapt and learn or quit. I’m not a quitter, so I learned. I became familiar with the concepts and syntaxes of software development and the languages that we studied. And I could follow along with the instructors to finish the projects. When I graduated I was still unsure if I had what it took to be a freelance developer, so I tested myself. I took on a client. Turns out that I knew enough to blow that project out of the water. The funny thing is, going in to the project I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I had a few ideas how I could, but I wasn’t sure if they would work. What I learned in that process is software development of any kind is like solving a massive puzzle. Sometimes it’s like a vague riddle that solves itself as you progress. But the more you play with it, the more proficient you become. There were two main lessons I learned from my studies. 1st, small steps, persistently and consistently over a long enough period of time is all it takes to learn or master something. And 2nd, we can do anything we want to do, learn anything we want to learn, and become anyone we want to become if we adhere to that first lesson." Congratulations Jacob! Keep us updated on your continuing success! If you’re a Media Institute graduate who wants to be featured as our next Alumni Spotlight e-mail