Alumni Spotlight - Vaughn Forsythe

Alumni Spotlight - Vaughn Forsythe
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Congratulations to our newest alum spotlight Vaughn Forsythe. Vaughn graduated in 2013 with a Recording Degree from Minneapolis Media Institute. Vaughn was also the recipient of the Minneapolis “Tom Tucker” integrity award.

“My favorite thing about MMI was the fact that we got to spend as much time as we could reserving various studios on campus for our own personal development outside of class. By using the various studios on campus, it allowed me to experiment and also apply what I learned that day or week.”

Vaughn is currently working as an Assistant Audio Engineer at OnBeat Studios in West Palm Beach Florida.

In Vaughn’s words:

“There are a lot of different things that I’ve learned from MMI that help me in my current position but the most beneficial would be subtractive EQing. For example, I currently supervise the interns at OnBeat Studios and I always have to remind them that when they are EQing to always subtract/ take away what they don't like about a sound. Never add more of what you like. This applies to most cases but then again it really depends on what sound your going for haha. I received the best business advice at MMI and I apply this especially when dealing with my clients. The advice was 'Under promise, Over Deliver.' This is very simple but very important when dealing with many different artists and controlling your client's expectations of their project."

When asked what his advice is for current Media Institute students, Vaughn said, “My advice would be to pay attention to detail. I've seen interns and professionals get fired for making simple mistakes. I would also say that MMI gives you a great base to go into the real world, but ultimately the entertainment industry involves dealing with many different types of people and personalities. You have to develop your 'people skills.' More often than not I am not paid to be an audio engineer, mixing engineer or producer, I am a therapist or peacekeeper. You must be efficient at your craft, but also make sure your artists/ talent is not distracted, sad, or whatever the case may be. I am constantly dealing with different situations and still learning a lot. The learning never stops and it is important to be adaptable.” Congratulations again to our Alumni Spotlight, Vaughn Forsythe on your success! We are excited to see what you do next! If you’re a Media Institute graduate who wants to be featured as our next Alumni Spotlight e-mail