New in the Learning Resource Center

New in the Learning Resource Center
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There are a lot of new learning materials in the Learning Resource Center this week! Digital Photo   Digital Photo In the Annual How To Special issue of Digital Photo,  the publication shares more than 50 tips specific to shooting your best portraits, exploring fall colors, multi-shot noise reduction, balanced illumination, shutter speed and ambient light, and tools and techniques to compose and trigger your camera from a distance.   

Popular PhotographyPopular Photography In the September, 2014 issue of Popular Photography, Richard Bernabe explains that nature may not let you control the sunlight in a given scene, but you can adjust your approach to make the most if it. He offer key tips for dealing with common light scenarios in nature photography. Computer ArtsComputer Arts In the Summer 2014 issue of Computer Arts, the feature article discusses combining passions with D&AD to create an original cover for its New Talent Special. The special issue suggests that it will help you discover the freshest talent to commission and collaborate with and claims to unearth the designs of new superstars at the 2014 degree shows.   PC GamerPC Gamer In the October 2014 issue of PC Gamer, Evan Lahti discusses how new technology inspires bold new design in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Lahti spent a full day playing Inquisition and hours in conversation with BioWare at its studio in Edmonton, Canada. Lahti left Canada more than re-assured about the game and its direction. Animation Magazine Animation Magazine In the September 2014 issue of Animation Magazine, Tom McLean discusses how Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) mashes up motion-capture and animation in new ways to live up to the mix of comedy and thrills that define Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Stop by the LRC to review these new arrivals! Click HERE to learn more about the programs offered at Madison Media Institute. Fall semester starts September 25th!