Local Filmmaker’s Documentary to be shown at Green Bay Film Festival

Local Filmmaker’s Documentary to be shown at Green Bay Film Festival
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Megan Kugel, a recent graduate from Madison Media Institute in Madison, WI, will have her senior project film shown in the Green Bay Film Festival on March 25th at 1:15 PM. The thirty-minute film titled God is Good: The Life and Lessons of Father Lorenzo follows Catholic priest Father Lorenzo as he tries to learn English in a Madison, Wisconsin, parish.  In return, students of the local catholic school of St. Dennis Catholic Church learn that Father Lorenzo who is from Belize has had a very challenging life.  Having lost two brothers and having been tortured himself, Father Lorenzo lets go of the past, embraces his life as a Catholic priest, and teaches the children of the school the true meaning of forgiveness. Megan Kugel was asked by David Hendrickson, Deacon of St. Dennis Parish, if she would like to interview Father Lorenzo and Megan decided that after one interview, a documentary would be the best way to show Father Lorenzo’s story.  Megan states, "I believe his story was one that needed to be heard."  She continues, "The film is motivational and powerful, as well as speaks to what a person can endure if they have faith." The Green Bay Film Festival will be showcasing films from as far away as Australia, as well as incredibly talented local filmmakers. Jessica Diederich, Film Festival Planning Committee Member said, "the festival will also be providing a platform for local talent and thus contribute to further strengthening the film industry in Wisconsin." Tickets are on sale through the website and are available at the door. The showing is at the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center. To purchase tickets and for more information about the Green Bay Film Festival, visit www.gbfilmfestival.org.