Alumni Spotlight: Game Design Graduate Alyx Beauchamp

Alumni Spotlight: Game Design Graduate Alyx Beauchamp
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During Alyx’s life she’s flipped back and forth from wanting to be a writer to an artist. She’s always had the burning desire to see her ideas placed upon the page of a book, but through a lot of reflection and prioritizing, she found herself at Media Institute studying game design. This program was the best choice for Alyx as it coalesced her professional and personal goals in an interactive way. Developing game design skills at Media Institute Alyx originally had aspirations to be a CG Animator, but immediately discovered that she enjoyed creating game concepts more than the other components of game development. Alyx naturally possessed both digital and traditional artistic skills that were refined at Media Institute. The technical training she received was a crucial part of her artistic liberation. During Alyx’s time at Media Institute, she excelled and through pure determination and mentorship from professors, she curated more detail-oriented work. She excelled at replicating many of her ideas and artistic references that would lead to her consistent academic success. An artist in control of her professional destiny "My end goal now that I have graduated is to fall into a position where I have control over the story of a game and also some input on creating the concepts themselves," said Alyx. Alyx’s career aspirations are very focused on being a well established character concept artist since she’s inspired most by stories with well rounded, realistic characters. Alyx also has the organizational skills and sense of what to prioritize that would make her an efficient project lead or project manager. Are you interested in game design? Learn more about our program and contact us if you have questions: 1-844-265-8383