Graphic and Web Design: Choose Your Culture

Graphic and Web Design: Choose Your Culture
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Graphic designers and web developers are both highly in-demand fields across nearly all industries. Studying either of these topics gives students the ability to seek work in nearly any field that requires a marketing or online presence, from more traditional commercial businesses to industries like the medical or education fields. Yet for many students, the more enticing aspect of becoming a designer is not the variety of fields to choose from but the variety of atmospheres.
An upscale chain of boutiques in the Midwest. A cutting edge technology corporation in California. A popular brand of family-friendly restaurants country-wide. A large network of healthcare providers at a city hospital. All of these industries call to mind a sort of company culture that might be found in their corporate offices, and all of these industries require graphic designers and web developers to help their products or services stand out and attract attention. A solid education in design allows you to choose which culture might be right for you.
Design careers can also be translated into a freelance setting. This means being your own boss, setting your own work hours, and making decisions about how your work day will be spent. It also means that you will have to seek your own clients and projects and run a business around your skills. For some designers, this is the most appealing atmosphere to work in.
One of the most beautiful things about pursuing a career in design is the ability to decide between running your own career as a freelancer or working in a corporate setting for a company. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, either! Many full time professionals also complete projects on the side in a freelance capacity. This gives designers some measure of job security because even if they were to lose their job, they still have the skills to earn a living.
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