The Small Details at Madison Media Institute

The Small Details at Madison Media Institute
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Art is not just about the creativity of one’s self, but about how we choose to let others see what we create.  Each color, line and shadow transforms a piece into something different. No matter how subtle, what we do at the media institute is to find passion in creating the small details.
Whether that be color correcting a video that may not look any different to a stranger on the street or tweaking the volume of a snare drum in a recording track, minute details are what makes us unique and different. It is in those projects that we must find the passion to push forward.
The hardest part is the challenge of persistence when it would be easier to throw something together or just leave it as a first draft.
It’s when six hours have gone by that we want to forget about the small additions that could bring our piece from mediocre to great. It’s knowing that sometimes a break is all we need to come back and bring a piece to life.
We have to find the strength within ourselves to work hard because greatness has never fallen into someone’s lap. We don’t get ahead by becoming lazy.
So we have to choose to strive.
We have to choose to put our best foot forward so that our complete potential is unleashed. When we feel like we aren’t sure, we have the support of staff and instructors behind us to propel us forward towards the dreams we are chasing.
If we don’t put time into our projects and our learning, are we really gaining anything at all? Going through the motions never made a mind grow.
So that’s why we strive to put the little details into what we do. It’s for our passion and our future. It’s what will make us a professional. It’s what will get us one step closer to achieving our goals.
It’s what sets us apart.