Animation and Motion Capture

Animation and Motion Capture Diploma Program

This program is no longer accepting new students and/or re-entering students into the program.

Animation lets you put your creative side to work in a high-tech field. Learn how to combine animation and motion capture skills to give virtual characters lifelike qualities that are used in the entertainment, education and marketing industries.

Program length –12 months

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The Media Institute offers a diploma program in Animation and Motion Capture where students are taught skills required for entry-level, professional character animation work.

Courses include:

  • Animation
  • Drawing
  • Motion Capture
  • Rigging (process of moving animated characters)
  • Visual Effects

Program Resources:
The Animation and Motion Capture program provides hands-on experience with a professional grade Motion Capture Studio, giving students access to the tools and equipment used by industry leaders.
Work with an industry current MOCAP system:

  • Motion Analysis Motion Capture System
  • Quad Trussing from Global Trussing
  • Dual Acer 22" monitors
  • Dual 1080p projectors
  • Dual monitor PC labs
  • Wacom Cintiq Tablets

Students work with the latest generation of video game development software including:

  • Maya®
  • Motionbuilder®
  • Cortex®
  • Solver 2.2®
  • Unreal & Unity Engines

Because motion capture can be used to show realistic movement, the skills learned in the Animation and Motion Capture program could be applied to a variety of entertainment, marketing and educational fields. Among the many exciting possible careers are:

  • Character Animator
  • Motion Capture Animator
  • Technical Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Lighting
  • Rigging

Madison, WI

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