Video Production and Editing

Video Production and Editing Diploma Program

The lighting is a little off.

As for the acting, I've seen much better.

Why did they choose that song for this scene?

There's so much entertainment available these days, making it harder than ever for a production to positively stand out from the crowd. Anyone can become a video producer with the Internet, raising the standard for what audiences will spend their precious time watching. That's why it's crucial you learn how to make your film truly shine.

Madison Media Institute's ten-month program features the most current equipment and software, award-winning instructors, and plenty of experience to enhance your video production skills.

Top ten reasons to study video production and editing at MMI:

  1. Learn from acclaimed professionals.
    Our experienced program instructors have been presented with Emmys and many other prestigious awards. For instance, our own Ray Ibsen—a videographer, lighting technician, and director of photography—has worked on projects for The Oprah Winfrey Show, NFL, HGTV, History Channel, and more. He and other instructors can teach you from experience and help you realize your dreams. 
  2. Operate a variety of equipment.
    You won't only be reading textbooks all day. Madison Media Institute trains students to use light kits, HD broadcast video cameras, DSLR cameras, jib arms, a variety of microphones, and grip gear equipment.
  3. Find your dream job.
    Our externships connect you with potential future employers.  Do you want to work at a television station?  
  4. Learn industry software.
    Cameras, lights, and other hardware are only one part of the equation. Excel at editing with Adobe Premiere®, Adobe Photoshop®, and Adobe After Effects®.
  5. Choose from a variety of positions.
    After receiving your diploma, you could become a video editor, production assistant, writer, master control operator, videographer, or freelance new media developer. 
  6. Perfect for the detail-oriented.
    We seek the type of movie watcher who looks past the plot and actors to notice the audio levels, camera angles, and production value. If you have always wanted to be behind the scenes, this could be the perfect fit for you.
  7. Create your own video masterpiece.
    Leave your legacy. Some employees' efforts are barely seen or acknowledged, but yours don't have to be that way. Create art for the whole world to enjoy!
  8. Connect with fellow filmmakers.
    At MMI, you can collaborate with like-minded artists. Team up to complete a project neither one of you could have done on your own. Video production and editing is a fantastic field for those who enjoy working cooperatively.
  9. Broaden your horizons.
    You might be thinking solely about camera operating now, but perhaps editing is your true calling. Discover new aspects of film production to find the right career path!
  10. Achieve your goals.
    Maybe your high school GPA could have been higher. Perhaps you feel that pursuing a diploma is beyond your capabilities. We want you to know that the limits are ones you place on yourself. MMI will do what we can to help you, from providing bus schedules to answering financial aid questions, so that you can focus on successfully earning your diploma!

You might click out of this window. You might go about your day and forget that you read this. You may push off submitting the Request Information form until later. But in five years, will you regret not taking action today?

Program length – 10 months

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The Video Production and Editing program at Madison Media Institute covers digital image, video editing and production, camera techniques and lighting. Upon graduation, students have been instructed in post-production, field production, live studio production, audio production, and motion graphics, as well as script writing and media law. They could be exposed to industry-standard software applications, as well as a variety of hardware including light kits, high definition cameras and DSLR cameras, microphones and grip gear equipment.

Program highlights:

  • Fundamentals of video and film production techniques, studio production, visual storytelling and editing
  • Aesthetics and strategies of motion graphics
  • Editing techniques and tools in post-production
  • Media influence on society including legal implications of media production and use

Program Resources:
Students work in an industry-current video production studio offering six video suites and learn both Macintosh® and Windows® operating systems. You could enter the professional video editing industry with experience using industry standard software applications such as:

  • Avid®
  • Adobe Premiere®
  • Adobe After Effects®
  • Adobe Photoshop®
  • Adobe Illustrator®
  • Cinema 4D®

As a video producer and editor, you could work in the film industry, for a production house doing commercials or online videos, in television or in a corporate setting.

Possible job titles include:

  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Production Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Motion Graphics Specialist
  • Videographer

Madison, WI

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